A Salute to the Sea!

Image courtesy of  HuffingtonPost .

Image courtesy of HuffingtonPost.


We have a serious problem on our hands…

Plastic—and garbage—has taken over our oceans.

Humans have created an unnecessary amount of single-use plastic. That includes water bottles, yogurt cups, microbeads, the beads our bracelets are made of, etc.

The plastics we deem useless after a certain amount of time make their way into the ocean. Then find their way into all the creatures that inhabit the sea.

Marine-life is consuming our little plastics.

The fish we eat have plastic.

We need to be more aware of where our shit goes.

We need to make use of the plastics we already have.

We need to be sure the plastic stops ending up in our oceans.

REBEAD donates a portion of each bracelet-stack sold to help with the clean up of the ocean, but it will take a lot more than that.

We need to address our own habits of single-use plastic.

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